June, 2015

Why Google ‘s New Algorithm is Better for Small Businesses

Recently Google changed their algorithm which affects your website’s SEO rankings.

Here are some changes they made:

If your site is responsive, you will get higher rankings then others that only have a desktop “fixed” layout.This is great because it’s getting people do something they should have done years ago, and now Google has given people an incentive to do so.

Another amazing thing that Google has changed is creating an “branding opportunity ranking”. Meaning the small entrepreneur can still win against the blue chip companies as long as they keep their stellar online reputation . This means that the companies that to post regularly, write valuable content on their site, have good “Klout” status, and keep up your white hat tactics, you will most likely get ranked high in the eyes of Google.

How is your online brand perceived has become a very big piece of even Google algorithm because getting your website found with keywords is still a very big piece for digital marketing. It’s not a majority but it’s still a very big piece of it. So if you have a small or medium sized company how do you build your online branding? That becomes a real challenge. in the new arena today in digital marketing, having a great online brand becomes very important. So there are a lot of things, you have social media, you have reputation development, the blogging and getting mentions all over. All those things have become far more important today. At this point you know Google is god when it comes to digital marketing.

This is music to my ears because it wasn’t so long ago that black hat practices were being used,like buying backlinks, content spinners, etc and received high rankings. Now people that do that get banned.
No more one trick ponies that would promised to get you on page one by duplicating content, and buying old domains. Now everything is needed and that is a relief. Having a good brand and being ethical is long term approach to marketing. If you are going to be in this game for the long term, you now need to use the best ethical methods instead trying to make it overnight. Justice for all! Bye-bye, Black hats!