Understanding your Target Market and Where to Find Them

Understanding your Target Market and Where to Find Them

Before you start promoting any of your products, you first need to know who your ideal client is for purchasing your product or service?
In the marketing world, this client is called your avatar. This is the internet’s slang for your target market. To define your avatar, ask yourself these questions:
1 )How old are they?
2) What is their demographic?
3) How much money do they make?
4) What are their challenges and frustrations?
5) What keeps them awake at night?
6) What problems do they need to solve?

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Now get out your Evernote, Word document, or an old-school notebook and take some time now

to answer these questions before we get to the next step.

Congratulations! You now have a clearer understanding of who your target market is. You won’t see this now in the early stages,

but trust me-This is so important to building a profitable business.

Now that we have defined our avatar, we need to find what their problems are so that we can create solutions to their problems.

Below are some crucial questions you need to ask:
Finding Their Problems:

What is they hungry for?
What makes them spend money
What are they spending money on?
What keywords/language are they using?

You might find this step unecessary but NOT knowing what their problems are
will make it harder for you to make a profit quickly. AND not only will you will burn through your
advertising budget since you won’t be targeting directly to your audience, but your conversions won’t be as high since
your ad headline won’t be solving their direct problem.

Knowing these answers will help you talk to your customers in a way they are familiar.
You will be speaking their language and be able to develop a relationship quickly with these guys.
Also, the more you know about their problems, the more you solutions you can provide.

So how do I find this information?

The best way to find this is in related Facebook groups, blogs, and forums.

Here is an example:

Let’s say I am a business coach, and I have a new marketing coaching program I want to introduce.
In Facebook, I would do a search for a marketing niche, and see what come up.
I would the join facebook groups for marketing and see what the common threads are.
I would also post directly in the group and ask what they need. So simple, right?
You still show credibility and they would be happy to contribute because
you are someone who wants to help them.

Observe your niche in all of social media. What are the most popular discussions?
By reviewing the forum threads, what are some of the common problems you can solve?

Also, look at some of the trends and hot topics that are coming up in your industry.
Search blogs like Reddit, Quora, Huffingtonpost.
Search feeds in Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc
Search Google and use keywords like “Common Problems to… ( your niche) , “Trends in… ( your niche)”

The more information you know about your avatar/target market, the more solutions you can provide them.

Actions for Today:

1) Make a list of your ideal avatar.
2) Google Forums, Facebook Groups. and social media that are specifically for your niche.
2) Make a list of what problems they have.
3) Make a list of what solutions you can provide them.

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