How to Create Great Content That Drives Traffic

How to Create Great Content That Drives Traffic

You are not alone. Getting your content to stand out today is HARD work.

According to one source, there are over 2 million blog posts published every single day.

And I bet when you first started out marketing, to write a blog post a day and eventually people will come to your site. That is the worst advice ever. In 2010, I built it and no one came.Then it occurred to me that I was new in that industry and really had no idea what I was doing. I thought I did , but the numbers told me otherwise. So I decided to study successful blogs in my niche and see why they were working.

Then I used their proven approach as my framework, my traffic skyrocketed! So simple!
Let me show you this proven technique:

Step #1: Find content in  blog posts, webinars, giveaways,  in your niche that has performed well.

Step #2: Take what you find and make it even better.

Step #3: Promote your content directly to people that would be interested in it.

Step 1 -Ok, now where to find these post?

Reddit, Growthhacker, Linkedin, and if you are still having trouble, google it! My solution to everything.

Type in “Best Content Marketing Posts 2014” and see what come up.

Step 2 -Make it better. Use your magic. Or to find the latest keyword niches.
Now start writing!

Step 3– Promote.

Find Passionate People that are interested in what you are writing about

Want to find people that are very, very likely to link to your content?

Linkbuilding-Look no further than people that have already linked to similar stuff.

Because you have something objectively better than what already they’re linking to, asking for a link to your content is an easy sell.

How do you find who’s linking to your competitor’s content?

The million dollar question. And here is the million dollar answer.

(How much do you love me right now?)

Ok, here we go.

The List:

Moz’s Open Site Explorer

Majestic SEO


First, grab the now-inferior content’s URL and enter it into the tool. Click on “Search links”:

 Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.20.29 PM

If you find a site that’s a good fit, send them this email script:

Subject: Quick question about SITE NAME


I was poking around SITE today and came across your article: ARTICLE TITLE.

Great stuff!

I noticed that you mentioned OUTDATED CONTENT. I also love that article.

In fact, it inspired me to create a more thorough and updated version:


I’d be grateful  if you’d consider mentioning it on your page.

Either way, keep up the great work with SITE NAME!

Your Name

There you go! Easy.

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